Schedule WWDC 2011, iPhone 5th increasingly Close !!!

Apple officially been announced at WWDC 2011 was held. Annual event for developers will be held in San Francisco, as in previous years. Apple will open on June 6, with the main agenda to meet the developers.

This event will be filled with a lot of technical things between Apple and developers, which includes seminars and discussions. But the most interesting thing for the public certainly is the presence of 5 or iPhone iPhone 4G or anything related to the latest generation of the iPhone.

Many people believe Apple will reveal about the iPhone 5 in the event. More and more rumors about the iPhone 5 also increasingly raising speculation that the iPhone 5 will use the A5 processor, like in the iPad 2.

WWDC in June is still two months away and is expected in the timeframe is still to be stout rumors about the iPhone 5. Just wait another surprise;)

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