Add site / URL to blekko

Submit site to blekko add to blekko each url to the index in blekko. Blekko is a Search Engine is designed to eliminate spam that plural appears in search results by placing a sign slashtag in each search word. The first honest I tried it also confused, so what's the point Slashtag use, because so far I do not ever find any slashtag in Search Engines, for example, after entering into, I tried the search keywords shopping there, and after waiting a while, Blekko will give results they think relevant search and free of SPAM (excellence Blekko) after that Blekko will give slashtag next to the left as a given shopping Keyword slashtag  /shoppingblog, / charity, / shoes, / green, and / tec. And after you register on as User, you are going to be given the right to make Slashtag own, which will be in the Follow by others or vice versa you can also become Follower Slashtag them.

To know further, I would invite you to join register yourself and become a User

First of all please go to https: / / / join, though still Beta Blekko was already using a Secure Url username and password so your data more secure, you can register with your facebook, after that you will be taken to the Page as below:
blekko register form

Please fill out the registration form ... And after that click the Join Button ... and you will be taken to a page like this:
blekko dashboard home
You can register with your username facebook,And please fill in the information yourself to your User Profile Blekko and which should be mandatory, add your blog url because it is will get backlinks from new Search Engine, after everything is filled please click Update My Profile and see your profile.
If you've entered your log in page, click the user name in the upper right corner
blekko log in

After all on the side with a complete, now it's time to add or create new slahtag, to your blog or site so that we can indexed by blekko this. Slashtag can be filled at will and most importantly we can join our Web site or blog Add all we have, so not just limited to one blog.
To make Slashtag, click Create a Slashtag in the left sidebar, as below:

Please fill in the information requested, here I make slashtag titled /shopping, because I want to put all my blog to after your name and a keyword to Slashtag, you just enter the url that would be inserted and click the Search Button, for blogs that have been indexed like my blog, Blekko will immediately give details below and you just instantly click the + button to insert it into the list, but if your blog is not indexed Blekko, you can not directly put it to the list from there, so you have to manually write a boxed underneath. After all fully charged, you will be taken to Page Slashtag , for instance rich mine which form below:

blekko create slashtag
then create slahtag and the results are as below:
You can also add your url in the add websites that are above in the right corner.
Completed registration and the addition of our site/blog.

And it turns out Blekko also provide assessment form for your Blog Rank, and Rank is obtained from the incoming backlinks to your blog, Keep in mind, the Blog is not indexed, Blekko not going to give rank, Rank addition, also provides features to view SEO Blog you its version as below:
blekko seo