10 Most Beautiful Official Linux Wallpapers

There must be several "10 Best Linux Wallpapers" kinda article, but this one is different. I have posted this collection of 10 Best Linux Wallpapers which were deemed good enough to be the official one.
I know I must have missed many beautiful ones, from some of the lesser known distros. You can suggest some of your favorite official distro wallpapers and I would post them here.

1. Hardy Heron:


Normally Ubuntu is just another word for ugly, however this was the first time that any Ubuntu wallpaper could be called beautiful. Those swirling curves are just beautiful. The guys at Ubuntu who made this tried to do it again with Intrepid Ibex release be drawing an Ibex this time, but they couldn't pull it off neatly and that resulted in this coffee stain wallpaper.


Here is another cool Ubuntu wallpaper called 'The Dawn of Ubuntu'

[Download Hardy Heron Wallpaper]
[Download Intrepid Ibex Wallpaper]

2. Kubuntu:


This is one of my most favorite wallpaper ever. It was released with Kubuntu Ibex. I didn't like Kubuntu 8.10, it was too buggy and crash prone, I had to reinstall Ubuntu within 2 days. Still the wallpaper was amazing!

[Download Kubuntu Ibex Wallpaper ]

3. Fedora Core 6:

Fedora Core 6 was released on October 24, 2006, codenamed Zod. This release introduced the Fedora DNA artwork, replacing the Fedora Bubbles artwork used in Fedora Core 5. The codename is derived from the infamous villain, General Zod, from the Superman DC Comic Books.
[Download Fedora Core 6 Wallpaper]

Here is Fedora 7, another beautiful wallpaper:

[Download Fedora 7 Wallpaper]

Here is the Fedora 10 Wallpaper called Solar:

[Download Fedora   Wallpaper]

5. Debian Etch:

This is one of the most beautiful wallpaper for any Linux distro.
[Download Etch Wallpaper]

6. This one isn't any official wallpaper, however it is one of my most favorite.


[Download it]

Also my apologies for being so late.... last time I blogged it was still January. Sorry about that, I was busy with college.
Also Happy Valentines Day!
Here is another Valentine wallpaper for today: