Hotkeys for Google

by: Dennis Nazarenko

Just select some text, press the corresponding key combination and the search results are in front of your eyes. This is what the new free program Hotkey Search Tool can do for you.

An advanced Internet user searches from 8 to 30 times a day. In the case of specialized search systems, such as on-line translators, dictionaries, and references, this value increases and totals from 10 to 60 requests a day.

Often, you had to start the browser and enter the search phrase to get the search results. But if the text is already typed, why should you have to type it again?

Suppose you want to search an encyclopedia for some unknown word or find the site of some product by its name. All you need to do is just select the text and send a command to Hotkey Search Tool. The program will copy the selected text to the clipboard and open the browser with the search results. If you do not select any text, the program will select the string typed before you pressed the hotkey.

A lot of users have already come to know Google Desktop. It is a convenient system for searching your local computer and it can work with additional plug-ins too. To perform a search in this system, you have to press windows+G or ctrl+alt+G and after that type the text you want to search for. As you have already guessed, with Hotkey Search Tool, you just select the text you need, press the above key combination and get search results right away.

It should be mentioned that the program is easily customizable and you can use it to search information in any on-line system that gets the text of requests in the URL.

The program does add one more icon to the system tray. So, we can only wish Google developers integrated the features of this program into their developments.