50th post and first for 2008

After a period of disruption in my life I am hoping to be able to post regularly to Bloody Computer! again. I am going to start with a review of posts from 2007.

Top 3 Most Read Posts

1. Where has all my hard-drive space gone? (30th August): 51 views
2. The mystery of the disappearing Taskbar. (10th December): 47 views
3. Keyboard shortcut of the week: control your selections (8th December): 30 views

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Top 3 Most Commented on Posts

1. "Bloody Computer!" Author Wins Award (27th October): 6 comments
2. From screen to video: recording Windows (9th December): 5 comments
3. Five tips for buying a new PC (22nd October): 3 comments

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Top 3 Most Dugg Posts

1. Bring files back from the dead (5th November): 12 diggs
2. Four Hardware Tips: CD/DVD drives and scanning (8th October): 6 diggs
=3. I can see clearly now... (30th October): 5 diggs
=3. Five top freeware applications (12th September): 5 diggs

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