Windows Vista help : 5 best point

1 - Stability and performance improvements: Windows Vista Support Services is more stable than its predecessors. Completely redesigned, the kernel performs better insulation between the process, especially in terms of memory space allocated. In particular, a faulty driver more likely not to block the machine. On the other hand, the system is better optimized, resulting in a faster start and manage the files more efficient.

2 - Enhanced Security: Rights Management formerly rigid, with too great restrictions granted to user, is much finer. With the concept of roles, the administrator can delegate rights to groups of users with great flexibility. "It is possible to define in Active Directory strategies that build on a range of new security features included as standard, which makes for a better standardization of the workplace, complete. Among these functions: access control at ports of entry / exit, encryption of the hard disk, and an installing anti-spyware protection , anti-phishing and firewall software now bidirectional.

3 - Deployment and administration facilities: "For companies, the only real added value of Vista that motivates migration, concerns the management of standard PC, where it enhances the functionality of Windows XP SP2 and above all that companies are slow to discover. In this area, providing the largest resident of Vista, with the new security features in the deployment of personalized images and independent of the hardware platform and language, thanks to a new format called WIM. Generally there are lot of discussion on the topic whether vista or xp ? Which if faster ?. Many say that Vista is faster than xp.

4 - Improvements functional considered modest: Microsoft Vista includes a search engine and the ability to create metadata for classifying files and facilitate their research. In addition the concept of gadgets (widgets), small applications immediately available. Finally, the 3D interface called Aero, is to facilitate the display windows and data. These improvements speed up the search for information, to which users spend 15 to 30% of their time.

5 - A more comprehensive view of the workstation: Microsoft has incorporated into its many features formerly provided separately or offered by third-party publishers. We saw this for the safety and mobility. But it is also the. NET framework 3.0 and the concept of Web Services, or a work flow engine. As many components aimed at making Vista a platform for development. "This strategy is a matter of survival for Microsoft, have to climb upward to the arrival of Linux in the market for basic job.

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