The Best of 2008 : Help For Linux

The end of the year is near and it is time to thank each and everyone of you for their visit here at Help For Linux. Here is a collection of our best posts from 2008.
1. 5 GIMP Tricks Everyone Should Know : Our most popular article this year, even Lifehacker featured this one.
2. Mombuntu - Ubuntu For Your Mom : Our first big hit! Give your mom the gift of Ubuntu.
3. 7 Reasons Why KDE Sucks : The most hotly debated article of the year.
4. 7 Things to do After Installing KDE 4.1 : Make your KDE experience better with these 7 tips.
5. 7 Shit Ass Reasons For Using Linux : Successful people use Linux, yeah....
6. Install Puppy Linux Along Side Ubuntu : Enjoy the fast and snappy Puppy Linux along with Ubuntu.
7. Install RAR Support : Extract and Compress Rar atchieves.
8. 5 Gmail Notifiers For Linux : Never miss another Gmail

9. The Best Music Player For Gnome : Know more about Exaile music player.
10. Automount Hard Drives in Linux : Hard Drives don't get loaded on startup? Here is the solution.
11. Install Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu Without Any Hacking : Install the world's best office suite in Ubuntu without any hacking.
12. Opera Mini in Ubuntu : Use the world's best mobile browser Opera Mini in Ubuntu
13. 10 Lamest Reasons For Giving Up On Linux : Top 10 (lame) reasons why people don't use Linux.

My last wish is that you will continue to post comments on my blog. I hope you will continue to enjoy coming to my website as much as you enjoyed it in 2008.
Have a nice, rewarding and peaceful 2009.