Install Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu Without Any Hacking

Few weeks ago I wrote about how Codeweavers lets you install vital applications like Microsort Office, Excel, Adobe Photoshop etc..
Well now I want to tell you of an even easier method of Installing Microsoft Office for FREE!
Yup, now you don't have to waste $40 on CrossOver Linux or pirate it.
Google and others have been pumping in money to make Wine more usable. Finally Wine has come to such a stage that no hacking is required to install Microsoft Office 2007.
To install Office in Linux do this:
Install latest version of Wine, anything above version 1.1.03 would do..
Here is a detailed explanation of how to install the latest version of Wine for Ubuntu.
Now go to the folder where the setup file for Microsoft Office exists.
Double click on the .exe file.
The Office installer will pop up, provide the usual password and let the installation begin.
Thats it, you have installed Office 2007 on Ubuntu.
But there is one problem, on starting Word, you will find ugly crossbars like these:
To get rid of them do this:
Go to the Office button -> Word Options -> Advanced -> Show document content -> uncheck "Show crop marks".
Here is a working screenshot:
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