Biz Profile:Computer Service stakes claim on service

We troubleshoot customers computer through remote access educating a customer about how to save documents more efficiently than on the computer and stocking outdated 486 computers for remote businesses that use propriety applications running on the antiquated DOS operating system are just a few examples.

Dwight Espenschied, director of technology support for the school for the past 13 years, had used AVG to protect the school's 20 servers and 725 remote computer support canada workstations for many years. The prospect of computer support out-dated protection on a network full of teenagers downloading who-knows-what from the Internet was not something he wanted to even think about so Espenschied immediately began a search for suppot a new supplier.

Espenschied found Walling Data on the computer and was impressed with what he saw. "I needed a supplier who understands the particular requirements of educational environments and could provide the necessary level of service and budgetary flexibility," he recalled.

The technology synergy between Micrel and Zilog will enable us to jointly develop easy-to-use single remote computer solutions that will allow system designers to quickly and cost-effectively enter targeted market segments," noted Scott Ward, vice president analog business unit, Micrel. "Zilog is well known in growing market support segments including computer control, remote control, and motion sensors/alarms, and has successfully developed key system software intellectual property for these markets. We are very pleased to be working with them."

* We give very good service to customers so that they will be our lifetime customer

* Carefully screen employees. Vetting job candidates is important because a business’s reputation is on the line, and giving remote support is not eaisy.

* Know your limits. “You have to know when to turn away remote computer, not because you don’t have the skills but because you don’t have the time to devote to their project and to the needs of your current clients,” Belsha said.

* Find balance between work and family.

Despite being solo, Belsha generally works about eight hours each weekday at the office and from home on Saturday mornings. He does not give out his cell phone number, dedicating his free time to his wife, Arlene, and their two grown daughters.