Tips to Configure Error Reporting in Windows XP

Windows XP operating system comes with an error reporting feature which could be used to report computer and program errors to Microsoft. The company utilizes these reports to track and fix problems with the operating system. Do you know, you can enable, disable, and even modify the way that error reporting works on Windows XP operating system? How? The process is described in this article. If you need more Windows XP support, you can talk to a PC expert.

Typically, in case of an error, a dialog box is displayed prompting to report the problem to Microsoft. If you click on the send report option, technical details about the problem are sent to Microsoft over the Internet. An Internet connection is required to use the feature. You can also cancel this clicking on don’t send option.

How to access the settings for the reporting feature? The process is stated below:

* Click Start.
* Right-click My Computer, then click Properties.
* Click the Advanced tab.
* Click Error Reporting.

How to configure the error reporting? In Windows XP operating system, error reporting option is enabled by default. You can disable it clicking “Disable error reporting.” If you want to report only the critical errors, select the “But notify me when critical errors occur” check box. Option is also there to report errors only for chosen programs. To avail this, click “Choose Programs” option and click “All programs in this list”. To select error reporting for specific program, click “Add” and select the program with browse option.