Computer Help for Mouse Issues

In this technological era computers have become essential in almost all spheres of life. It is probably due to its ability to make a work done faster and efficiently. Almost all parts of computer are essential but the mouse forms an important part of computer use and needs to be taken extra care. Know how you can apply some easy techniques for your faulty mouse through a computer repair technician.

Computer Repair
As mouse is in continuous use, therefore it can stop functioning over a period of time. Not all mouse needs to replaced some can be repaired through few troubleshooting steps. Here are some common mouse problems that you might face as computer user.

The common problem that a mouse faces is the error message “mouse not found” that pops up at the start-up. This means that your PC is not able to detect mouse. It can also happen that a mouse is not plugged in properly. For this the tech support experts suggest you to switch –off the computer, plug in the mouse again and restart the system.

Sometimes you will find that some trails follow the cursor of the mouse along with its movements. This feature is known as “pointer trail” and this feature is found in Windows XP, NT, 95 and 98. The computer help technicians advice you to disable this feature by clicking on the ‘Start ‘menu then go to settings and then control panel. In control panel you need to double –click the mouse icon. Then in the properties Windows for mouse, select “motion” tab. After this you can check or uncheck the “show point trails’ options.

These are some of the common mouse issue which can be managed easily with the help of computer repair experts.

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