How to Compress a File Using WinZip

Through file compression, it is possible to reduce the file sizes; a large file can be compressed to become a small file and the quality is not affected in any way. File compression is required when you have to send a large amount of data via email. Today the market has several softwares which can be used for compressing large sized files. WinZip is one of the leading software that is easy to use and helps in file compression. Its trial version is available on the internet for free. Know the procedure to use WinZip.

•Step 1: Run the WinZip application, and then select the ‘New’ icon, which you will find at the upper left hand side of the application window.

•Step 2: Select a folder or even a drive where you want to save the .zip file.

•Step 3: Make sure that you name the compressed file before you add files to the archive.

•Step 4: When you name the file, you will get a new window enabling you to add the file you wish to compress.

•Step 5: If you have to add multiple files, just click on the ‘Add’ icon.

•Step 6: After all the files that you selected have been compressed, c lick on the ‘File’ option and then select ‘Close Archive’.

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