Troubleshoot a Faulty Network Connection through Computer Help

Today when I got back home after a day’s hard work, my dad was struggling with the internet connection. Whenever he tried opening a page it just gave the same error message as ‘Page Not Found’. My dad complained of these frequent sporadic losses of internet connectivity. I had heard about remote computer help but never tried it. My dad’s desperation made me call a remote computer repair service.

Computer HelpI tried explaining my situation that how my internet connection was fluctuating to a tech support expert He suggested me to get online with my own laptop and it encountered the same results. It was not possible for two systems to face the same situation from this Windows glitch. According to computer help experts the problem was somewhere else.

The first troubleshooting step that the technical support experts suggested was to power-cycle the modem and the router. Another possibility could be the ISP provided by the cable company. I had hardly faced any services outrages like someone flicking the light on and off. My internet connection used to be down for an hour but then it always came back.

The computer repair technicians suggested that more likely there was something wrong with router or the cable modem. They asked me to take the router out of the equation, plugging of the cable directly into the modem. I could get my internet connection back, the culprit was the modem. At the end of the day the remote tech support team could fix my computer issue.

The solution was replacement of router and the outcome was my happy dad standing right besides me. I hope to keep this mind while troubleshooting a flaky internet connection. I understood that the process of elimination is the best way to resolve a PC problem.

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