Erase Hard Disk Data through Tech Support

Before disposing a hard drive it is essential to delete all you personal data from that. But the deletion process is actually not that easy as you might think just by clicking on the Delete button. You may be surprised to know the fat that even after deleting a file, it’s really not gone but removed from its original location and kept in the Master File Table or File Allocation Table. However, don’t worry; tech support tutorials given online can help you erase hard drive completely.

Mac OS comes up with a secure data removal tool to erase all the saved data completely from the system. For Windows operating system you need to install a data eraser utility separately to get the job done. Computer support companies or tech support professionals provide such software applications that work on major OS versions like XP, 98, 2008, 7 and others. You can also get tech support assistance to use the utilities with steps of easy instructions.