What is Trojan horse?

>Trojan horse
Trojan horse is not exactly a virus. It is a software application that will only perform its function after being executed by the user.

Sometimes, a Trojan horse hides itself as a folder while in fact, it's a .EXE file. This is to catch the eye of users so they will click and execute it.

Different kinds of Trojan horse are OSX.RSPlug Trojan of Mac operating system, Trojan horse downloader, Trojan horse Generic 9, Trojan horse downloader Adload, Trojan horse generic 6, Trojan horse spyware and Trojan horse Vundo.

After the user executes the file, it will open an alternative means for malicious software such as spyware and adware to infect your PC. After the execution of file the keyloggers will enter from back doors and will pollute files and folders. Keylogger is an explicit software code that has capability of calculating the keyboard stroke, such as username and password for misuse purpose.

Trojan horse infection comes from downloading the program themselves or its being downloaded into their system stealthily. For example, you are looking for some paid program on Google that converts into video format.

Trojan horse is a rouge application code that shut downs the performance of PC. Some of the hazardous affects of Trojan horse are-

• Repeated system reboot
• Slow work efficiency of system
• Uncertain system crash
• Unexpected termination of application programs
• Delay’s in program opening and close
• Sound disabilities in speakers

Trojan horse is a system deadly application code and has to be removed to prevent unnecessary changes in system performance. Consider the steps for removal of Trojan horse-

STEP 1: Disable System Restore feature on your PC. System Restore, if enabled will restore all deleted files containing Trojan horse. Go to “My computers”, click on performance and select File system and then, Disable System Restore.

STEP 2: Reboot your PC in safe mode by persistently pressing the F8 key.

STEP 3: Go to start, click on “Control panel” and then, click on ADD\REMOVE Programs. It will show you list of programs containing Spyware and adware. Select the Remove program option.

STEP 4: In Windows System Folder delete all the files that contains Trojan virus extension.
Trojan horse is an explicit source code that alters the efficiency of PC. To prevent your system from getting affected with Trojan horse install antivirus security program such as McAfee Premium.

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