Free Tech Support Announced for Windows’10 Upgrade

If you are thinking about upgrading your present Windows platform with some latest versions, there will probably be no better time than now to do that. Recently Microsoft officials have announced a free OS upgrade to Office 2010 for Windows 7 users, which means; Microsoft will provide you with Windows 2010 installation service and tech support for free if you have active Office 2007 in our system. The service has been named as “Office 2010 Technology Guarantee”.

Tech Support
You don’t have to bear much to gain the eligibility for the program. Simply upgrade your system with Windows 2007 or purchase a new PC with the OS version installed by October 31, 2010. You can get other needed assistance apart from installation services through remote tech support or online computer support companies.

However, it is not clear if the service applies for those having Windows 2007 already. You can go through tech support forums to get your related queries answered and discuss more about the improved features of Office 2010 to find if it’s really worth upgrading from 2007 or not. If you already have used the beta version of Office 2010, let us know your experience here.