Recovering Data from an Inaccessible Windows XP System

How will it feel if you have an important task to do on your computer and your Windows XP operating system is unable to start? This should get you really upset; well, do not panic if the error message that is displayed reads ‘Operating system not found’, since there is a way to recover all important data.

You can try starting your system from the Recovery Console. There may be an error message saying ‘Setup did not find any hard drives installed on your computer’. The reason behind this may be that the Basic Input/Output System or BIOS is unable to detect the disk, the hard disk itself is damaged, the partition containing the Master Boot Record or MBR is inactive, the incompatible partition is marked Active, or the Sector 0 of the hard disk has an MBR which is incorrect.

Now let’s get started in resolving the issue.

•Step 1: Check the BIOS settings. Ensure if it lists as well as recognizes the hard disk. Then restart your machine.

•Step 2: You can use Recovery Console for running the fixmbr command; this may repair your system drive’s MBR.

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