Tech Support on Google Apps Marketplace

Just think about the innovative and attractive Google releases which are coming up regularly to influence more of your life. Now with Google Apps Marketplace definitely there is no escaping from Google. Google Apps Marketplace is a new tech support online store where third party web developers can sell their Web Apps to Google Apps users. With Apps marketplace all the services that are available in cloud-based productivity suite including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar can be integrated with Web applications offered by the Google Apps Marketplace.

This new release by the Google computer support experts is really unique in the sense that even if many services were found already with Apps Marketplace you will be allowed to sync with Google Docs, Gmail or other services and can handle all the different software from one control panel of Google Apps. Using this sync system all the employees can access any of the Google Apps with single sign up with a Open ID. They can jump to any of the Apps using this single sign up. You can compare the new release with mobile Smartphone. With Smartphones, usefulness of the phone apps are greatly increased which resulted in the increased businesses; with Google Apps Marketplace the scope of Google Apps becomes more attractive to businesses. So in a nutshell, from now onwards Google will control more of your work life because all the clouds applications that you were already using will come under single umbrella of Google’s.