Tech Support on Windows Phone 7 Series

If you are waiting anxiously for the Windows Phone 7 Series to be launched here is some fresh news about Windows Phone 7 Series. In the recent MIX10 conference, lots of new information has come out about the new applications. Microsoft tech support experts revealed information about the features of the new applications, the scope for the developers and the marketing strategies of the applications.

According to the announcements the new phones will offer accelerometer support, push notifications, video playback with DRM, multitouch facility, camera and microphone support. The most amzing thing about the upcoming phones is that these will support .NET, XNA, and Silverlight too. Microsoft tech support also announced different tools that the developers can use to develop the different WP7S apps. For Windows Phone developers can use Visual Studio 2010 Express, XNA Game Studio 4.0 and many other tools.

The new phone applications will be marketed in a special way. Computer support experts at Microsoft have already announced the Microsoft App Marketplace. The App Marketplace will operate the apps all in a very integrated way from mobile operators or OEMs. The App Marketplace will also offer Xbox LIVE games which are based on Silverlight runtime. This Marketplace will be it’s own hub which will provide content specific and selection based marketing offer.