Wine-Doors - Make Wine useable, Without Touching the Terminal!

Wine-Doors is an cool and easy way to install useful softwares and fonts on your PC. The best part about it is that it requires no terminal typing and it lets you install tons of softwares which includes Internet Explorer, Adobe Photoshop CS2, WinRAR, Google Sketchup, World of Warcraft 2&3, Half Life 2,  Call of Duty 1&2, Steam.
According to the developers 'Wine-Doors is an Windows application management for the GNOME Desktop.'
For those of you who know 'Wine Tools' an older application, Wine-Doors picks up where it left off.Consider it as an extension to Wine. Needless to say, you'd require Wine up and running to use Wine Doors. Surprisingly before you can use the software, you have to fill in your name and company name. You also have to check mark a box which says, "I have a Microsoft license"- and you can lie!
You can download Wine-Doors by using Synaptic.

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