Clean your PC to Prevent Overheating.

Many times in helping people fix their computer problems, they complain about their computer randomly shutting down without warning. There could be several causes as to what is the cause of the problem, but often I discover that they've never cleaned their computers.

"What? I'm supposed to clean the computer?" they ask.

"Yes, probably at least once every few months." I tell them.

Nowadays most computers have a safe-guard feature built in so if the internal components start getting too hot, then the computer will automatically shut itself off. If over time dust and dirt builds up on the fans and venting areas, it can prevent the natural air-flow that would normally help to cool a computer, and then the computer can start to overheat. So, it's important to try and keep your computer clean and cool.

Tips for Cleaning a Desktop Computer:

Turn off the computer and unplug it. Unplug all of the devices and set your computer someplace with lots of space around it for easy access (such as on a table top).

Slide-off the cover of the computer. This can be a different procedure according to what type of computer model you have, but typically there are a few screws located at the back of the computer that holds the case on that you will need to remove. Once you have the screws out, then the casing cover, or part thereof, should easily slide off.

Look inside the computer and you can probably see lots of dust and dirt built-up on the various components if it hasn't been cleaned in a while. Have good lighting so you can see what you're doing.

Use a can of compressed-air (which most computer shops sell), and give a good blow throughout the inside of your computer, especially the fan(s) and venting areas. Don't hold the compressed air for too long in any one spot, as the compressed air is very cold and it's possible if concentrating on one spot for too long, that it could damage something, so keep moving the spray-can in gentle constant motion while using it so as to not overly "freeze" one spot.

You can use a dry cloth to wipe away dust and dirt, as well as a cotton-swab for those hard to reach areas.

If you have a vacuum-cleaner, you could put on a soft-attachment onto the end of the hose, and using it gently, suck away the dust and dirt.

Just go slow, careful and gentle with the whole cleaning process, and everything should be okay.

Once you're done, slide the cover back on, put the screws back in, plug everything back in, turn the computer on and it should be running a lot cooler now.

For Laptops:

Pretty much the same advice I gave for cleaning a desktop computer, except removing the cover can be very difficult for a laptop, or for some laptops the cover is really not meant to be removed, so in this case you would need to try to clean it without removing the cover. So in this case, use a can of compressed air, give a good blow into all of the various openings, and you can still use a vacuum-cleaner on the vent areas to help suck out the dust and dirt too.

Also, in using a laptop, avoid placing it on any soft surfaces, such as carpet or a bed, as this can block the vent areas and cause the computer to overheat as well. When the computer is not being using, I would recommend to turn it off.

Some computer-shops may also sell a type of "cooling platform" that are made for laptops, so that is something else to consider if you use a laptop a lot.

Well, there you have it. Keep your computer clean and cool. It will help to avoid overheating problems and extend the life of your computer.
Cheers! :)