Computer Maintenance Tips

With my more than 15 years in computers since High school. I already came across with not all kinds of computers but I believe I have seen and handled most of them. Let me impart to you this Computer Maintenance Tips.

The question here is "Do you want to add life on your computer?".

We may have different uses for our Computer, but as a Computer user we need to maintain it, to have a better and smooth experience not to mention if we are using it to do our work. This is where Computer Maintenance comes in.

Most Computer Users spend a fortune just to have the best computer and the top of the line peripherals. For me I consider that as an investment and I don't blame others for spending that much just to have it. Since I consider it as an investment, I have to protect and take care of my investment.

Here are some basic Computer Maintenance Tips I can share:

1.) Turn off your computer properly
One of the causes of permanent hard drive failure and defect is the the sudden power shutdown. So for your hard drives health, Never, I mean never turn off your computer by pushing the power button or by pulling the plug from the outlet. And in case it hangs, that is the only way to you push the reset button key or if the keyboard is still active just press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys at the same time twice to restart or reboot your computer.
I would also also recommend using a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), this will give you time to save and turn off your computer properly in case there is a power outage.
Turn off your computer before unplugging any peripherals unless it is "hot swap" enable. This will short or cause your computer to freeze.

2.) Scandisk and Defrag
Running Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter once a month is recommended. This will keep your hard drive healthy and for you monitor its health. Using some hard drive utilities would also be advisable.

3.) Update Antivirus
Install and regularly update your Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware program. This is one of the basic application or program that we must have in our computer specially if you are regularly using the Internet. We must have this application to have protection from viruses and spy wares on the net. We can use some Free Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware program or if you want a premium package your can get it with just a couple of bucks. Either of the two would be good as long as it updates and protects.

4.) Turn on your Firewall
Turning on your Firewall is also advisable specially when you are always surfing. By doing this it will protect your Computer just like Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware program did. Plus it will protect you from unwanted visitors.

5.) Backup
Always keep a backup of your files, data or pictures. This will give you a worry free life in case you computer crashes. Using a Flash Drive or a second hard drive would be recommended. Burning it to a CD /DVD using CD /DVD burner would also be advisable.

6.) Free Space
Do keep at least 100MB free hard disk space or I would recommend at least 500MB Free hard disk space on your computer. This will prevent your computer from choking or hanging when you are open or use an application. This usually happens when you are multi tasking, meaning opening a browser and playing some music or other application at the same time.

7.) Ventilation
Having an Air conditioned room for your computer is recommended, however if you do not have it, just keep or place it in a well ventilated room would be required. One of the worst enemy to your computer is heat. It causes the internal components and chips to wear out. It also lowers the performance of your system.
For most computers it needs a better cooling system. Installing some extra fan or other cooling system would also be advisable.

8.) Direct Sunlight
One of most basic health care instruction and I even read it once in a computer box. Never, put your computer where is a direct sunlight. It raises your computers temperature and may lead to overheating.

9.) Keep it clean
Always keep it clean. Remove the dust. Dust is like a blanket, which keeps the chips of your components nice and hot. The more dust, the hotter they get. The best way is to clean the outer part every day with a soft cloth and for the inside part of your tower a vacuum cleaner hose would be advisable.

Hope this Computer Maintenance Tips help you in maintaining your computer to run smoothly. Computer is one investment we do not want to go into waste. So let us take care of it. As they say "Prevention is Better than Cure".