Norton Antivirus - Does it Really Make Your Computer Run Faster?

By: Ryan Paulin

When computer security is the topic, it is already an assurance that Norton Antivirus will be mentioned. This cannot be denied because it is truly one of the most famous when it comes to security applications. Like all the other security applications available out there, this one is no different; it mainly wants to protect the computers of people from viruses and even spywares in their own homes.

The good thing about this application is that it has various levels of defense from viruses; it also protects your web browsing and even a system recovery tool. Another good thing about the Norton Antivirus is that it automatically updates itself with a time interval of five to fifteen minutes. People will also not have a hard time finding viruses in their system because this application scans very quickly and efficiently. That is why there is really a small chance that malicious programs will be able to infest your computer. In addition to this, it will not be too much burden to install it in your hard drive because it only consumes a small space amounting to about 8MB.

But with all these features, I am sure that many people are still wondering if it can seriously slow down the performance of a computer. Of course it is already a given that we want a virus-free computer, but we also want to have a very efficient computer that can help us accomplish the things that we need to do. According to several forums dominated by people who have personally used Norton Antivirus as their personal security application for a computer, they have experienced drastic effects upon installing the said application.

Some people who have used it were disappointed because of the fact that it can't really protect their system from latest systems threat even when the application is being updated regularly. The worst part about it is that many people's systems crashed because of the inability of this application to protect them. Another apparent manifestation that this application is really slowing down the system is that it takes too much time for the computer to start up.

The Norton Antivirus was tested by experts to see if it can really perform its job when already used by actual users. These experts stated that with certain hardware specifications, the said antivirus can do its job properly. They tried to compare the performance of a computer before and after the security application was installed. They even found out that this application really uses up just a maximum of 8MB of your hard drive space. Even the time one needs to be able to scan a memory with 37GB of data in it was even tested and they found out that it will only take this application 25 minutes to scan everything and make sure that there aren't any dangerous processes in your system.

Even though the tests mentioned above were performed, it is still obvious that the application is not considered by many as effective. This just means that not everyone can really benefit from the Norton Antivirus because it seems like it will only work for computers with specific requirements.