Runtime Errors - How to Get Rid of Them

By: Ryan Paulin

In most cases, people are not aware of what is really happening when a runtime error happens while they are using their computers. The most common manifestation of this type of error is usually in the form of a message box. This message box informs you that a runtime error has just happened and beside it, there is a code displayed. Those who have experienced having this error have surely noticed that right before the message box is displayed the computer becomes slower than usual. When the user immediately closes the window, the operating system will prompt your computer to reboot. Since there are different reasons why runtime errors happen, it is already given that there are also different methods to fix the problem.

The first possible cause of such error is that a problem might have happened with the Terminate and Stay Resident program. If you feel that this were the cause of the error that just occurred, you can just open the Task Manager window so that you can simply end the programs not responding. This can be done by pressing 'ctrl+alt+del', and when the window of the Task Manager already appeared, click on the programs not responding and then press the 'End Task' button. Another reason why runtime errors occur is because sometimes, the software itself has problems. If you want to know if this is actually the reason for the errors, you can visit the website of the developer of the software and then download all the necessary updates for your program. If even after you have made all the necessary updates and you still cannot run the program properly, you can just choose to remove the program.

The most common type of reason why this kind of error happens is because of harmful applications like computer viruses and other questionable processes entering your computer. Because these malicious programs have the capacity to change the performance of a certain program, they can easily cause runtime errors. The easiest way to avoid being infested with viruses is to equip your system with a reliable security application. But remember that installing an application is not really enough because you should also make sure that it is updated with the latest features so that it can protect your system efficiently. When you are already sure that your security application is up-to-date, you can scan your system for the harmful applications in your system. This usually solves the problem for most people since viruses are really a common occurrence to a person's computer system.

Runtime errors really cause computer users too much headache because they delay the activities that users need to accomplish with the help of their computer. But there is really nothing to worry about as long as you are aware of the different causes and their corresponding solutions. The next time your computer encounters a runtime error, hopefully you will be able to successfully make your computer function properly again and to prevent spending money unnecessarily.