Step by Step Guides On How to Create a Personalized SFX Archieve in Winrar Using HTML and ResHacker Software.

To Create a Modified SFX Archieve you Must have Winrar Then a Personalized ICON and LOGO for your installer.

If you don’t have an iCon for your Installer I give you a Tips to Hack others Application icons in Easy Way. To hack other application iCon’s you Must Download ResHacker Software to edit exe files. See the image for Better Guide:

Now you have a personalized icon lol…

* Edit you Installer LOGO by knowing the Size width and Height and save this as your Guide for latter use.

* Pack All your files for Installing,

1. Right click on Selected Files ("Files to be Installed") then select Add to Archieve.
2. In General tab “Name your file” and checked “Create a SFX Achieve”
3. In Advanced Tab click “SFX Option “
4. Edit your Advance SFX option “Text and Icon”
• Title of SFX
• Text to display in SFX window ( Can be Done Using HTML language)
• Browse your SFX logo and icon.
After you done all the required field click “OK”


Download ResHacker: Here
Download Winrar: Here

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