Turn On Your Friends Pc by using Your Own Computer as a Remote

Due to Surfing and Internet Research, I found out that you can really shut it down other computer by using LAN or Internet. PowerOff is one of the powerful tools in performing this kind of job. So, I research again and find out the best software I will use to turn it back on other computers by using my computer as a remote. And I found it, from this small and user friendly application called “WOL” (Wake-on-LAN). WOL is only 32KB size but it can Turn On your Pc in one click just Paste the right Mac Address of PC you want to turn On.

In finding Mac address the remote computer must be ONLINE to find and trace the right Mac Address. Click the link to download the software in which you can find the right Mac address of your Workgroup or LAN. Download “WakeOnLAN[CodeCatcher]” now. I hope this can help. Have Fun..Thanks...

Note: Before you continue and try my all stuff, I warn you to make a backup all of your data file first in case of errors and bugs you may be encounter. This Site is not liable of damage due to insufficient understanding. Like as I always said “Use at your on Risk”. Thanks.

Download WakeOnLAN[CodeCatcher]: Here

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