Computer Repair Help

you computer is not responding or showing a blank screen, You are very tens and trying to find out some computer repair help. But it is not always easy to fix the computer problem even if you have little knowledge about computer hardware. Computer repair help is not always easy to get, When you will ask any of your friend to give you some computer repair help, Most of them will simply refuse to give computer repair help. But you do not need to worry about it. You need to check few of the things in order to get your PC at its previous stat.

First of all open the screw of your CPU and check the cables if they are pluged properly, If they are already pluged then make sure they are fixed in proper manner. Now you are getting computer repair help on your own. Check the RAM if they are dusty make them clean and fit them again. finally check the hard drive and Processor. Sometimes Processor fan is running slower which may cause your system to perform slower so make sure that fan is working properly. These are Free Computer Tips which are very helpful for each computer user.