Different Kinds Of Ink Cartridges - Take Your Pick

by John Dicarlo

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There is little doubt on how essential a printer is, especially for use in the office. Even though it's more or less a paper free workplace nowadays but printing needs cannot be eliminated or reduced to a very large extent. It is this factor that companies manufacturing printers make use of, to make huge profits. On one hand while the prices of printers have been falling, companies derive most of their profits not from the printers but more from the ink cartridges for printers. There is a high profit margin on the ink cartridges, as compared to the printers, as cartridges are required frequently for printing needs. This high profit margin has made way for other kinds of cartridges to provide affordable solutions.

In spite of the high mark up price, some people who prefer nothing but the best quality look for Original Equipment Manufactured cartridges. They are manufactured by the company producing the printer and can be trusted for providing the best results. The resulting print from OEM cartridges is assured to be fine, black print; there is no blotting of the ink that is usually the result of cheap ink cartridges. The ink in OEM cartridges is of high quality and does not fade easily. People who give a lot of importance to brand names usually use OEM cartridges for their printer. However, if you need to print a large number of documents regularly and the cost factor is essential for you, there are many other kinds of cartridges that can give you good results at an affordable price. These cartridges differ slightly from each other on the basis of their production. If you would still prefer a cartridge filled from the manufacturer though at a reduced price, re manufactured cartridges may be a viable option for you. They are refilled cartridges, which are produced making use of the used cartridges. In a way, they are a good way to both save money and also recycle waste.

If all you care about is a good print at a convenient price, compatible cartridges can also serve your purpose. Different printers are designed differently so that the cartridge of one printer cannot be used with another. However, ink cartridge manufacturers produce all kinds of ink cartridges that are compatible with different kinds of printers. They are easily available, provide reasonable quality and are comparatively quite affordable as they have a much lower profit margin. Thus they have become widely popular. Apart from these, there are refilling kits available so that you can refill your printer cartridges in the comfort of your home/office. They can be refilled easily by following the instructions. The advantage of refilling is also that you can reuse your cartridge thereby saving money. At the same time, it is also environment friendly to recycle and reduce wastage.

All these options can provide you satisfactory results depending on the supplier. There can be very cheap cartridges available in the market; however, it is essential to strike the right balance between price and quality. You can get a number of options available online, who can give great discounts on all kinds of ink cartridges , thus saving you a good amount of money for any kind of cartridge that you prefer. 
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