Working Facebook Hack in Ninja Saga Alpha

.:: Working Hack Ninja Saga One Hit Critical and Dodge ::.

Note: Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Login your Account in Facebook then Open Ninja Saga Apps Here's the link
Go to your ninja saga profile which where you can find the status of your character.
Open Cheat engine 5.5 or latest version. if you don't have Cheat Engine installed in your Computer Click Here to download.

Now Open Cheat Engine and Select plugin-container.exe in your Process List.then click Open. See the image for better guide.

In your Cheat Engine Select Array of Bytes as Value type then copy the code below:
" a93f9a9999999999a93f " as your Hex Value. But before you Press the "FIRST SCAN" button. Make sure you checked "Also scan Read-Only Memory".

After the First Scan, One Address will Show. change the Hex Value or Double click The address and Change the value to:
" A9 3F 9A 99 99 99 99 99 F9 3F " for 1 Hit Critical

" A9 3F 9A 99 99 99 FF FF FF 3F " for 200% Crit. Rate
" F9 3F 9A 99 99 99 99 99 F9 3F " for all dodge
Exit your profile now and have some Fun.


.:: Unlock Level 60 Quest in Ninja Saga Alpha Academy ::.

First Open Cheat Engine 5.6 and Select plugin-container.exe in your Process List. Then Click Open. Choose "4 Bytes" as your Value Type and checked also "Also scan Read-Only Memory".

Put the Exact Value Of "GOLD"[Number] then Click First Scan. More Address Will Come up. in the left Pane of CE.
Go to "SHOP" Sell some item to make your Gold increase.
and put again the total Value Of "GOLD" and click "Next Scan"

Until 1 Address will remain.
Note: Make sure that the last 2 digit of 8 must be [78] or xXxXxX78 "02609F78" , "0F639C78". don't mind the first 6 digit the most important is the number "78" will come up. Change the Value OF "78" to "AC".

[AC] is the address of your char LEVEL.

For Example, The Address of "02609F78" will be "02609FAC" or "0F639C78" to "0F639CAC". Now Change The "Value" of xXxXxXAC address to 60 which mean LEVEL 60. tnx.

Tips: Pls. don't abuse this cheat, if you are in level 25. Change The "Value" of xXxXxXAC address to 26. and do level 25. Quest. to avoid connection error and disconnected.

.:: 1 SkiLL = 20K Damage or More by: CoDe ::.

Use Cheat Engine 5.6.1

Open Ninja Saga Alpha But Dont Click Play First.
Now Open Cheat Engine 5.6.1
Open The Name Process and Select plugin-container.exe
Change the Value Type to: " Array of Bytes "
Check " Also scan read-only memory "
Copy this CODE and PASTE
" 6204D32464A3A2 "
Then Click First Scan
2 Address Will show, double Click the 2 Address
And Change the Value to:
" 62 04 D3 24 64 A0 A2 "
Freeze the 2 Address and Start Play Ninja Saga.
Have Fun And Enjoy.. Hehehe..

.:: Ninja Saga Alpha Pets Rename Using Cheat Engine ::.

Open Ninja Saga Alpha Apps
Go to Pet Shop

Open Cheat Engine 5.6.1
Select a process to open
Choose plugin-container.exe for Firefox user

In Cheat Engine Select Text As your Value Type
Then Type the Name of Pet you want to buy
Remember you must type the exact name of pet
you want to search as text.

Sample Pet's Name: Leiko
Leiko has a text[5] type.
It means that You must name your pet not greater
than 5 char string...

Now click First Scan
Double click all the result address in the left pane
Rename all the text Value
Any name you want, 5 char string only or less

Freeze the all address
close the shop to Refresh then Open Again

Find the Rename pet you want
then click buy..

.:: Gold Hack in Ninja Saga Alpha ::.

To Use This Cheat You Must Have "Fiddler2" Installed in Your Computer
Fiddler2 is a Web Debugging Proxy Which Capture all Http's Log traffic
between your computer and the Internet. Note: System Required to Open Fiddler2
is Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or Latest

Open Ninja Saga Alpha then launch fiddler
Follow the Image Guide below...

Now Go to Kage Room, Click Grade C Mission
Choose Lv.2 Quest "Blacksmith's Request"
Your Quest is to Kill One "Training Dummy"
Finish This Quest twice...

The error me occur

You Need a Ninja Emblem If You want to have
More than 20 consumables in your inventory,
With a ninja Emblem, you will be able to have up
to 40 consumables in your inventory

Don't click "Get Now" just Turn Back
And Go to your Profile. In the lower right of your Firefox Browser
Click the "Fiddler:OFF(auto)" then click "Clear Firefox Cache"
Close your Fiddler. Refresh the Page Then Go Back to Shop and sell all your Weapons
to make your Gold More that half a billion. lols..

Tips: Gold Must Not higher than 9M So That GM will not banned you waheheheh... xD
and Always clear your browser cache before and after using Fiddler
Download mission_3.swf file: Here
Download Fiddler2 Beta Setup: Here
Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable x86: Here
Download dotnetfix 2.0 : Here


.:: Instant Element Skills in Ninja Saga Alpha By: Code ::.

Note: Use at Your Own Risk and Please Don't Abuse this Cheat Use Wisely...
if you are in a High Level its better to do not use this cheat "Sayang baka ma banned kayo". Tips: Create A New Char To Make it Safe...

Its Easy To use this Hack Simply, Download the [swf] File Name "academy.swf" Then drag and drop The File Inside Your Fiddler2 AutoResponder Tab. or Click This Sample Image Guide.. Here
Open and Play Ninja Saga and Go to your Academy..

Buy All the Skills You Want. ["Gold Only"]
Because You might Get error or disconnected.. If you buy a ["Token Skills"]
Remember 2 types of Element Skills Only
if you are not an Emblem user else
"alam mo na yan heheehe ..."

Download academy.swf File: Here

Tips: Always clear your browser cache before and after using Fiddler

Post update: "due to maintenance, This instant skill cheat is detected"


.:: Tired of Leveling in Ninja Saga Alpha ::.
Try this Cheat in a Hunting House 1 Hit KO From Lv.1 jump to Lv.20

Note: This Cheat is "Bannedable" :D
So be careful to use this cheat. Use this Once a day (Hunting hours) else your Detected. And Try other account before doing this cheat for sure to avoid your main to get banned. Remember use at your own risk.... this cheat is undetected.. So Pls. don't abuse this Cheat.. Level to use: Lv.1-19, Lv.21-39 Lv.41-Lv.59

Here's the steps

Open Ninja Saga Alpha and lunch Fiddler
Download "1KO2HuntSaga" file Extract the file And Drag All the SWF File on your Fiddler AutoResponder Tab
See the sample Image: Here
Now Enter "Hunting House" and Finish Them OFF

Download 1KO2HuntSaga: Here

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