How to use Filezilla

It is free software which you can use to transfer files over the Internet.

First install Filezilla, open it and then open file/site manager. Next create a site with your web host name, log in and password. Site manager > transfer setting > active >save .

When files are ready to be transferred, enter the site manager and choose your set up site by double clicking on it. This will open FTP connection between the computer and the web host profile which you saved in the site manager

In the left side you can see our local computer directories and on the right side the remote web host computer you will transfer.

Now select the files you want to transfer from your local computer directories and open those files on right side.

Drag and drop local files from left to right.

After finishing disconnect either the server or the file menu (as per the version of Filezilla) and then close the filezilla