How to use Winrar

Winrar is used to compress the files, so that larger files can be transferred.Winrar and winzip are similar, but Winrar is having additional functionality.

  • First ensure that the computer you are going to use is having Winrar program installed in it.

  • Select the files to be compressed.(use CTRL button for selecting more than one file and SHIFT button for selecting blocks of file.)

  • Then right click on selected files. In the pop out select “Add to Archive”. You can see Winrar window menu.

  • Rename the compressed file (different from original name) in the archive section in general tab.

  • Select the file format (can be rar or zip) and after all required field of menu are completed click “OK”. The Winrar application will compress all the files and save in the same location as original files.

Extracting compressed files

  • Select the files to be extracted.

  • Then right click the selected file

  • In menu select “Extract files”, you can see window from the Winrar program.

  • Specify where the extracted files have to be located in the “Destination path” in the general tab.

  • After filling the required fields in window click”OK”, Extracting will start.