How to use Gmail

Gmail is the Google free email service, which has more storage place compared to others.Following are the methods to use Gmail.

  • First open a account in Gmail and log in into it.

  • You can send message using g mail. For this click on “compose” button. Enter mail id of the person, whom you have to send the message. You can even attach a file by clicking on “Attach a file” link. Then write a message and click on send.

  • You can read message received by clicking on “In box” and then clicking on the message. You can make a separate folder and store them separately. For this click on “More action”. Choose new label to create new folder, and save the message in that.

  • Mark the important message by star.

  • You can delete the message from the spam folder. Even if you are not deleting the message in spam folder, it will automatically get deleted after 30 days.

  • You can check your mail anywhere in the world, where internet access is there.