How to use Skype

Skype is a good means of communication in which you can chat and talk (with or without video). Skype has become the way of communication today with its great features like desktop sharing.

You may download Skype from Skype(tm) Download Page. Installation procedure below:

[caption id="attachment_737" align="aligncenter" width="502" caption="skype install"]skype install[/caption]

and then a couple of next button clicks completes your install and then you can login to your existing account or create one new account.

[caption id="attachment_738" align="aligncenter" width="515" caption="skype login"]skype login[/caption]

Getting Started with Skype:

  • Add friends in contact list by clicking on new > Add contact and then type their Skype id and then click search.

  • After that send request to them to add you in their contact list.

  • After your friend adds in his contact list you can call them.

  • You can also call to any fixed line or mobile, but that is paid service.