Make the Move to Change IP

By: Virender Labroo

We know by now the importance of making the move to change IP. While the mechanics or detailed process can be overwhelming to Internet users, the idea and purpose of it is not. For more security online and for safe Web browsing, the online community has spread the word all over the Internet about the benefits of changing our IP address. The different steps and processes to change IP on your own have also been published for all the world to see. And considering all the hacking and all the threats to our Internet privacy are getting more rampant, it is about time we think about this seriously.

Changing or hiding our IP works by changing our location every now and then. Basically, each time we log on to the Internet, we get to have a different IP address. What makes our location important? Well, it is our IP and our location that malicious hackers would want to have in order to control our computer systems and private files. Once they get access to our real location, then they can abuse us in any way they want. They could throw in a number of viruses and crash our computers, or they could hack into our online accounts and pry into our affairs. Either way, the thought of someone invading our privacy online is never a good thing.

If there is one thing that Internet users have to be wary about, it is the hackers. We cannot underestimate them. Just last week a thousand Twitter accounts were hacked and the site was down for the most part of the day. A lot of Twitter users were upset. Now imagine this happening to your own computer system. A hacker finds out your IP address, and gets access to your computer. You're lucky if he only want to play a little and wrecks some of your files. But it will be bad if the hacker is malicious enough to bomb in various viruses and spy ware into the system, and crashing it.

What is worse than having your computer crashed is if the hacker turns out to be an identity thief. If he or she determines your IP, then she can get access to your online accounts and profiles. He or she can determine your login information which will allow him or her to enter your various accounts online. Your profile and your transaction history will be open to him, and he may get your credit card numbers and other financial accounts. When the hacker is through with you, you will end up with a lot of debts and a ruined reputation. Identity theft is also not an easy thing to counter so it is better to avoid this than to have it happen to you.

Whatever the case is, it is not good for you to have your IP address out for every Internet user to see. Hiding your IP is especially handy when you're a personal Internet user, working at home solo. Companies will have made their move to protect their system and files, but a personal Internet user will only have to rely on him or herself to protect his or her privacy. So make your move now to protect your Internet privacy. Make the move to change IP.