What Will We Accomplish If We Change IP?

By: Virender Labroo

It has been said over and over that we will be safer online if we change IP. Many Internet users are thankful for the warnings, and are mindful of the dangers. There are many IP changer programs online and there are forums and Blogs dedicated to guiding Internet newbie's how to change their IP addresses.

And yet there are still those who ask why it is important that we change our real location every time we go surf the Internet. There are still those who do not care if their real identities are being given away to the online community. They would ask, in a skeptical manner, what they would be able to accomplish if they change IP.

There are certainly some people who can go by surfing online using their real identities. These people may not have any accounts on the social online sites. They may not have registered themselves on online banking or any other e-banking programs. They may also not be interested in Twitter and Face book. Well, these people may certainly be safe from prying hackers who will get nothing from them. But these kinds of people are quite rare, seeing as how a huge chunk of the whole community of Internet users are so immersed in electronics and technology. The Internet also pretty much revolves around many lives now that a person would have at least one social site account.

To change IP might just be the protection you will need from online abuse. So what if you only have one social site account? A hacker wouldn't be interested in targeting a person with only one account online, right? Let us think one more time. We hardly know how a hacker thinks, especially if that hacker feels no remorse in stealing identities online. He or she might just want to use one detail of your identity, such as your name, and use it as he or she attacks other accounts.

We can do nothing but prevent this from happening to us. There have been many ways formulated to protect our privacy online and not get our personal information stolen. But we can never be hundred percent sure. One of the most formidable ways to protect ourselves online is to change IP. Surely even those skeptical of new technology would know that prevention is the best cure to an online disease called identity theft.

So what is it that we will accomplish if we change our IP address? We can hide our real identities; this is the main goal. In hiding our real identities and locations, we are able to surf anonymously online without worrying too much about our personal information given away online. Other advantages of this method is that we are able to prevent the onslaught of spam and other unwanted traffic that usually comes our way when we go shopping online.

Even new Internet users should pay heed to the dangers of identity theft and other cyber crimes. Even they would have to do something to protect themselves in the future. One answer has already been given. Even though it does not give a hundred percent protection against hackers, it will at least prevent you from becoming an obvious victim. This is what we will accomplish when we change IP.