Outlook crashes, can't create or change settings

I recently had an anomaly with a client and his fresh install of Windows 7 running Outlook 2003 SPK3. It would not save his junk mail settings or allow him to edit his data file title or create a new one.

What we tried 1st:
A repair & re-install but to no avail, we even repaired the pst with a scanpst.exe. When trying to open a fresh install of outlook 2003 we would get - Error message when you start Outlook 2003: "Unable to open your default e-mail folders", even with trying to open outlook.exe /safe or with no mail support.

I started to look over his email settings again and realized that with the AOL(AOHELL) he had setup to receive into his Outlook, it used imap settings so I killed that imap email all together and voilĂ !

After all that we found the issue to be with the aol imap account. If you are using imap then kill it, if that doesn't help, maybe some other things suggested here will help you.

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