How To Extend The Use Of Your Computer With Extra Programs

By: Colon Bolden

When you bought your personal computer, it came loaded with a selection of software. Each of these contains a number of programs that allow you to perform a range of functions, such as word processing and spreadsheet work. The software that comes with your computer is known as bundled software. Although this bundled software allows you to perform many different tasks on your personal computer, chances are you will eventually want to use more specialized or advanced software.

Let's say you buy software online, it is imperative that you make sure what kind of merchandise you'll actually be getting. You need to find out if you are dealing with some shady computer organization that's trying to unload copied programs on you? Then, when you shop, check the software package to determine how much RAM and hard disk space the program requires as well as whether it will run on your computer. You will also want to use virus checking software to keep your computer free from viruses.

When checking your requirements, you'll want to make sure the software you buy is completely compatible. I mean check to see how much RAM (random access memory) your computer has and how much storage space is available on the hard drive. By ensuring you have the correct amount of memory for your installed operating system then you can have a speedy computer. Even adding 256MB over the stated minimum requirements will reap instant dividends.

To check the available disk space, double click on My Computer, then click once on C drive to highlight it. Go to the File menu and click on Properties. To see how much RAM is built into your personal computer, go to the Start menu, select Settings, then Control Panel, then double click on System.

You can also ensure that your computer RAM is working at its full potential by taking care to perform maintenance tasks. A great task is to regularly empty the recycle bin. Make sure you delete programs that you dont use because it does help slow your computer down.

Most importantly, whenever you are removing software from your computer, you should not just start deleting things that you think do not belong on your computer. Doing this will put your other working programs at risk. So, if you want to properly remove programs from your computer, you should use the Remove programs applet that is built into windows. This will allow you to easily see what programs you currently have installed and then you will be able to automatically remove these.

Computer stores are good places to start looking for software but there are other sources that will save you money. You can look on the internet for downloadable software, then follow the on screen instructions. You can look at personal computer magazines because some will offer demonstration or shareware version. Lastly, you have mail order because some vendors offer prices that are often lower than retail stores.

Just remember, going online does not have to be expensive. Many of the things you want to do with your computer should not cost you a lot of extra money or extra hassle. The money you spend on basic extra programs will allow your computer to be a very valuable tool for you and your family.