Windows 7 Review - Window to the Future

By: Roberto Sedyci

Windows 7 review is a must read subject to understand the best of it as Microsoft has always come with something astonishing as well as beneficial. There are various aspects to be considered as reviews such as:

Installation - Windows 7 is identical to the Windows Vistas and navigates through few questions about the place the user wants it installed and lets the grind out. It takes nearly 17 minutes to finish the question period to this impressive feat.

Desktop - The operating system retains glassy window style, and other holdovers that the users can notice immediately such that there is a change in the taskbar, as it is slightly taller now accommodating squared off icons. Every program that is open gets an icon, yet the user can pick favorites to suspend to the bottom, even if it is not in use such that it looks identical to the earlier Windows. However, this assists in reducing the visual untidiness coming from the program titles of the taskbar, and it also allows turning to the icon-based system by shrinking the taskbar to its original size.

New and improved taskbar - Microsoft has introduced new Aero Peek features for any necessary details to be filled, and hovering over an icon will result in showing separate thumbnails for every window within the program with labels above them. This takes the user one step ahead as it conceals other windows and shows only one question that the user is dealing with. Right-clicking on the taskbar icons facilitates in getting Jump Lists and these are shortcut lists relating to these programs.

Snap feature - The snap feature turned to be an unexpectedly smart addition to the Windows 7 as it facilitates grabbing any window and dragging it to the left or right edge such that it automatically resizes to half the screen. This makes browsing easy on two screens such that they can be compared at a stretch and typed in word next using a browser window, and so on. On completion of work, merely dragging the window to a position brings it to the old size, and these snapping options is akin to the freeware AllSnap offers.

Windows 7 new feature - The feature of Windows desktop allows working easier as the new personalization menu brings an array of built-in themes, besides switching them by screensavers, swapping backgrounds and determining its opacity using a slider. Hard drives, webcams and thumb drives will be detected automatically and the pane alongside will show connected items such as keyboards, mouse and Wi-Fi adapters.

Game Time - The real Microsoft test is when it wins over gamers, and is not disappointing as it has come with improved gaming performances. Running games such as MotoGP and Crysis on Windows 7 encounters no issues, and even with maxed settings everything goes smoothly without any hiccup.

Some Hiccups - The dazzling experience of Windows 7 is amazing, yet few zingers are that on changing themes, the taskbar icons stopped working until the windows were reopened. The pro includes painless installation, fast boot times, excellent gaming performance and clutter free taskbar, while the cons are that some users crave for more customization. Such minor inconveniences are felt, but nothing significant is observed to diminish the experience of installing Windows 7.