How to Earn Godfather Points in Mafia Wars

Many people will not be interested in this information ... but since a lot of my clients play Mafia Wars on Facebook (as well as other games), I get asked a lot of information about playing these games.  And as usual, i like to share information here so everybody can benefit it from it. 

Mafia Wars is one of the hottest games on Facebook (and MySpace). In short, you create a mobster character and play against other mobsters.  The cool thing is that any of your friends who are playing the game can be added to your mafia family, which in turn helps to make you a stronger character. There is a lot of interaction with your friends on this game, which is really what makes it so much fun.

Godfather points (also called, "Reward Points"), is one of the bonuses you earn while playing the game.  These points are then spent on various things including increasing the size of your mafia family and weapons.  They can also be used to buy other things (like increased energy, stamina and health, to name a few).

Getting enough Godfather points to buy things takes time, but you can earn more by doing a few things (short of literally buying them with your credit card). 

First, you earn 1 Godfather point every time you level up to an even level (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.).  This is the slowest way to earn Godfather points, but is guaranteed.

Next, you can earn Godfather points by playing the "Daily Chance" lottery tickets.  After you submit a ticket, you'll notice you've completed a level of the ticket mastery.  There are 6 levels to this mastery.  This means that to achieve the 6th level, you have to keep submitting tickets (one per day) without collecting the bonus after each submission.  By doing so, you will eventually get all 6 levels completed (if you start collecting at the beginning of the Mafia War week), and only then do you want to collect the bonus - which will be anywhere from 1 to 5 Godfather points (the amount varies).  This is one of the quickest ways to earn Godfather Reward Points.

Another way to earn  Godfather points is through special loot drops.  Every holiday and on special occasions, Mafia Wars offers special loot and jobs.  Oftentimes, Godfather points are offered as a bonus reward.  There is usually a limit of 10 reward points during any special loot offering, but you'd be surprise how much even this little bit helps!

The last way to earn Godfather points is through completing special offers (i.e., signing up for free trials of products) or buying them using a credit card. Unless you're one of those people with lots of disposable income, I do not recommend either of these last two options.

Needless to say, the first three methods are the best way of earning Godfather points in Mafia Wars.