How to repair a corrupt Outlook pst or ost file

Have you found that your Outlook takes forever to open or opens in safe mode or recovery every time, or gives you errors, fails to send? Then you need to run the INBOX REPAIR TOOL.

With the INBOX REPAIR TOOL you can recover folders and items from a corrupted Personal Folders (.pst) file or offline folder (.ost) file in Microsoft Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2007.

I find it best to create a new pst/ost file first so you can use your outlook to send and receive while you fix your corrupt file.

You will need to run Scanpst.exe, which is a hidden file that is installed automatically when you install Windows. You can search for it by name showing hidden files when you do. You will need to know where your pst/ost file is so find that path out before you start.

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