Adjustment Program for Epson PictureMate Printer

Adjustmenr program for printers PictureMate any two version, but when the program run, there no difference at the both program. To run this software no date setting must be altered in computer and to run this software like using othe adjustment program for epson printers. This software can be used copy EEPROM data, Head Cleaning, Inkcharge, Check patter, reset waste ink counter and many again.

PictureMate Adjustment ProgramHow to use this software

To use this software not differ like other adjustment program, for example, to reset waste ink counter at the both printers it’s ways :
  • Run Adjustment program then click pasticula adjustmen button
  • Alter the setting and equal to your printer
  • Select consumable maintenance counter, then click ok.
  • Click initialization button, finish
For the software download from link below :

Adjustment Program PictureMate