Access USB problems in Windows 7 64bit

Some of Nvidia's nForce chipset equipped motherboards is unable to tolerate Windows 7 64bit. When used memory addresses above of 232 bytes, you may experience problems accessing USB storage devices.

* According to the Internet, Microsoft is already working on a solution. You can install a update, therefore, prevents access by the system addresses memory above the 4-gigabyte limit. The link should be called with IE, so that the site recognizes that it is a Windows 64bit system:

Change the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) of Windows 7:

* Type cmd.exe in the search box, and starts the program with administrator privileges.
* Type the following command:

bcdedit /set truncatememory 0×80000000

* After installing the driver updates are now available for the USB EHCI controller from Nvidia nForce chipsets can be the RAM limit with the following command once again pick up.

bcdedit /deletevalue truncatememory