BrylCreem - Add on to your style...

Brought to you by Wonder products of Chennai, BrylCreem is a popular hair syling gel. They got a varied range of products which come under many catogories like Hard Gel, Wet Look, UV Glow, Creams and lot more.
Let me speak of Wet Look here.

BrylCreem WetLook Gel is somthing which looks like a gelly substance and is bluish-green in color. As the name suggest it is somthing which when applied to ur hair makes the hair look like its wet. It contains D Panthenol, Glycerin, Carbomer, PVP/VA Copolymer and perfume. This perfume is something which some other hair styling gells miss. For instance SetWet holds hair really firm but it has got an awsome bad smell. But its real good if u are doing a stage perfomance and do not wish to get too close !

In my opinion BrylCreem holds hair really firm when applied in large quantities. When done so it holds hair for about 2 hours. That is a realy good time to hold it. Like when u are on a party 2 hours must be enough. But when it come to daily use 2 hours or maximum 3 is not afordable. Also I dont think using it regularly is good for the health of ur hair.

The cost factor is also not really good. Priced at Rs 40 for 60g looks a bit costly for the common kid when local gels are available at Rs 15 or Rs 20 for 100grams. But when it comes to attraction spending a little more hardly matters..right..?
So Go and 'get the look'!