Feedblitz For Webmasters - Let Your readers read Your own newsletter

All people connected to the internet do these things. 1. Send emails 2. Search the internet. Its only after these things pople go to read websites for informative contents in general.Most of the people first check their inbox, once they connect to the internet.

Webmasters or publishers will expect people to visit their websites. But only very few people will be really intrested in doing that daily. If one has a dial-up connection or some other narrow band connections, it will be a hard task for the readers to check your website daily for updates. Instead readers will be intrested in recieving the updated content directly delivred to them in their inbox. If you are a webpublisher or a blogger, feedblitz comes for your help.

Feedblitz ( at feedblitz.com ) is basically a free service that enables a user to subsribe to a website with a rss feed functionality or a atom feed functionality. Usually every blog or website has one or both of these. Webmasters can sign up for a free account and syndicate their website or blog. Feedblitz will give you the html code for a subscribtion applet ( like one found here ! ) which you can place on your website. Now your readers can subscribe to your website and recieve the updates to their inbox..

Feedblitz scans your rss or atom feed ( which is automatically updated as you update your website ) once a day ( for free sign-ups ) and tracks changes. The new content is sent to the readers automatically without any effort from the publisher so that the publisher can keep working on more content !
With feedblitz you can decide how much content must be delivered. I have set it to full feed so that my readers will get the full content in their inbox. You can reduce this to any number of characters if you expect your readers to come to your webite to read.

Feedblitz also offers premium services which requires you to pay a fee. With that you can customize the e-mails sent to your readers. Thanks to such quality service

Note : Feedblitz is a trademark owned by it rightful owner.