Feedblitz has some Unique Subscription Options

We had been using Feedblitz email delivery service even before Million Clues! was born went live. But it’s only recently that we noticed some unique subscription options available with Feedblitz, which are hard to be found elsewhere, including Feedburner. In addition to regular email, Feedblitz can send content updates to Twitter, Skype and Instant Messengers like AOL Messenger, Microsoft Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger (see image)

Subscription Options of Feedblitz Email Service Regardless the method of subscription, each one needs verification, so you can be assured against spammers. If email delivery is chosen, a confirmation link is sent to the email address provided for validating the user. Every other service has its own kind of verification to ensure that the user is the valid owner of the email address provided. For instance, when Yahoo! Messenger is chosen, the user is asked to add a friend with the name ‘FeedBlitz.Alerts’ and send a instant message with content ‘OK 124738’ to this friend.

So if you do not check your email regularly, then you can choose any one of these alternatives to subscribe to a blog. This is another reason to use Feedblitz Email Service rather than Feedburner Email.

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