How to add the Subscription service to your Website using Feedblitz

Feedblitz provides webmasters with a very cool service with which a reader can subscribe to your Website.
To give readers an email subscription service the webmaster must first syndicate his Website at Feedblitz. When I was trying to do that to my blog, I was not aware of what this syndication was. So I had to try a lot to get that all done here. This article is dedicated to all the Webmasters and is intented to hlep them to add an email subscription service to their website.

Here is the procedure...
1. Go to and register for an account.
2. Sign in to your account
3. On your dashboard you will see a link that reads " 0 active syndications ". Click that.
4. You will be asked for your website. Give its full address
5. If your Website got multiple Feed services like you will be asked to pick one and links will be provided. If you got 2 feed services there will be 2 links. Click any one.
6. You will be given the HTML code for the form that you can place on your website. Place it on your website
7. You are done !

Later you can use your feedblitz account to change the settings of your sydication.
Good luck