Orkut Scrapbook is More Like a Junk Mail Folder

One Good thing about scrapbook in orkut was that each and every message was personal unlike the forwards that we recieve in our inbox. Each message was one-to-one. But with the advancement of third party tools like powerscrap and all, once can now send common scrap to all friends with just a few clicks. And this is taking the beauty of Orkut scrapbook away.

These days my scrapbook looks  much like a junk mail folder. And to add to that there are many new viruses in there that sends the same message to all our contacts without our knowldge.

I dont know any ways to get rid of the problem, but if anyone reading this knows one please tell me ok.Maybe one way is to warn the spamming friends and delete them if they persist spamming. And if someone from google is reading this please not that if you leave this unchecked, people will loose all the intrest and stop orkutting. And that is something you dont want..right..?