Resetter Epson Stylus CX6500 and CX6600

This Methods to reset Epson CX6500 is using SSC service utility (the latest version support Epson CX6500) and using Adjustment program Epson CX6500 (this software can be used for Epson CX6300, Epson CX6400 and Epson CX6600).

Manual reset for Epson CX6500
  • Press and hold B/W+COLOR+STOP button.
  • Press power button, don’t release all button until you see the led indicator blinking and a message display on the LCD.
  • Release the button.
  • Press COLOR button to clear protection counter
  • Turn off the printer by pressing power button.
  • Done !

Resetting Epson Stylus CX6500/CX6600 using SSC Service utility :

Before resetting the printer using SSC Serve, make sure your printer Epson CX6500 installed correctly :
Follow these step
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Run SSCLG software (latest version is 4.30) and set to Epson stylus CX6500/CX6600.
  • Right click SSC icon in the systray select protection counter and the reset protection counter.
  • Turn off the printer and turn on again.
  • If you see the printer is normal again mean you have succeeded repairing the printer.
Download link and how to using SSC software for Epson please read other article on this blog.

Resetting Using Adjustment program Epson CX6500

To run Adjustment program Epson CX6500 no need date setting.
  • Download and extract the software.
  • Go to extracted folder and run the software by clicking “SCX6x_Ver20.exe” file.
  • Set model name to Stylus CX6500 then click Ok.
  • Select waste ink pad counter then click ok.
  • Click initialization to reset the counter to zero.
  • Turn off the printer and turn on again.

Download Adjustment program Epson CX6500 from link below :

Adjustment program Epson CX 6500