Use Kernel Manager For Android To Flash Custom Kernels Easily

If you're running a custom ROM on your Android phone, you may have thought about flashing a custom kernel. A kernel, by definition, is the central component of an operating system. What a kernel does for your phone is manage the software and hardware. Depending on your kernel, you may have faster performance, improved battery life etc. Since there are different custom kernels that are capable of different things, it is nice to have the option of using kernels other than the stock one on your phone. Up until now flashing a custom kernel requires the user to reboot their phone into recovery and manually flashing the file. This process has now been made much simpler with the Kernel Manager app for Android.

If you've ever used the famous ROM Manager you'll find Kernel Manager to be similar. Like ROM Manager, Kernel Manager comes in two varieties – premium and basic. The premium version comes without ads. The basic version however, has everything that you need to make flashing a new kernel a quick and painless process.

Head over to the Android Market and download Kernel Manager.


After the app has gained root permission, you will be presented with a screen similar to ROM manager. A list of kernels available for download will be present as well as further information regarding each kernel. It should be mentioned that the number of available kernels depends on how many developers choose to submit their work via this application. Despite this, there are still a fair number of kernels available for download.


In order to install a kernel, scroll down to find a kernel that matches your needs. Read the descriptions of each kernel carefully to make sure that it matches what you are looking for. As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to always make a backup of your current ROM with its kernel in the event that something should go wrong.

After you have selected a kernel, press the button labeled "More Info" and you will be brought to the kernel's menu. A button located on the bottom of the screen will allow you to download and flash the kernel. The flashing automation is really where this application helps users manage their custom ROM and kernel. After download of the kernel has finished, the app will automatically boot into recovery and take care of all flashing requirements. It will even clear all caches to ensure that your phone behaves correctly upon reboot.


Kernel Manager is a great tool for anyone running a rooted phone with a custom ROM. The Pro version can be had for $3.99. This is not an unreasonable asking price considering all that the app is capable of. Ultimately Kernel Manager is a power user's dream for managing their phones software and hardware. It provides the easiest and simplest way of installing a custom kernel.