10 Reasons to Buy Windows 7: Tech Support Explains

Users have loved Windows XP and want even better applications. To honor your requirements Microsoft has designed Windows 7. No doubt it has simplified our lives and we can work with it more comfortably. We can make some amazing things out of it. Still have not used it? Want to know how? Let’s take a look at 10 main reasons why Windows 7 is so special, explains tech support experts.

Tech Support
1. Quick Access:

With Windows 7 you can have quick access to all your stuff. Use Pin and Jump Lists and enjoy the amazing feature to get all your files and documents at fingertips.

2. Manage Windows easily:

Manage the windows more easily with resizing and rearranging them. Simply drag them on the borders and enjoy the difference.

3. Find files quickly:

Use Windows Search and find the files, documents, emails, programs easily than ever before.

4. Share Files:

Share files and pictures more easily among multiple PCs. Share every sorts of files in your home network easily with this tech support utility.

5. Movie Center:

Stay connected with Windows Media Center. Record TVs, watch DVDs and watch Internet TV with it.

6. Windows Live Essentials

Create and share movies with this wonderful feature. Share instant messaging and mail instantly.

7. Connect to People easily

Check the available network and connect to any of them within minutes. This is an easy solution for many of your network problems.

8. Wait less and work more

Work more and resume the computer when needed. It makes your PC faster, secured and reliable.

9. Increase productivity:

You need not close any program with it. You can run many programs in simultaneously.

10. Parental Controls:

This is a nice choice. You can now keep your kids away from stuff you don’t like them to watch . You can limit their games times as well with this modern help feature.

Are you using Windows 7? So, how do you like the features? Leave a comment.